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Future Dreaming

10 August 2021

Last night, after reading about the IPCC report on the climate crisis, my heart was racing and I felt sick and dizzy with fear. Rather than become paralysed, I felt I needed to do something so I painted myself with shaking hands and then I wrote this. I’m not sure what it is exactly but […]

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28 April 2021

You think you’ve escaped me?  You think you’re safe? Can’t you hear me? I’m everywhere, on the edges of everything. Howling and haunting and laughing and moaning. I know who you are and I know where you live. Your home is inside me you arrogant little ape. You’re killing my children, slaying your siblings, mindlessly […]

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A Letter to My Niece

10 April 2021

(I wrote this in September 2020 but at the time it felt too emotional and raw to post. I edited it a little today so the sense of time in it is a bit funny but the essence and emotions are still very much present. I am trying to find ways to talk openly about […]

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Some Quotes I’m Thinking About

16 September 2020

“I will argue that it is not menstrual blood per se which disturbs the imagination – unstanchable as that red flood may be – but rather the albumen in the blood, the uterine shreds, placental jellyfish of the female sea. This is the chthonian matrix from which we rose. We have an evolutionary revulsion from […]

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My Open Broken Heart

25 August 2020

“We can’t selectively numb emotion. Numb the dark and you numb the light.” – Brene Brown, Daring Greatly They tell me to try a little harder to care a little less. Close that article to keep the truth out close the borders to keep those in need out close the windows to keep the smoke […]

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The Sound of The Rain

1 May 2020

Night is quiet in quarantine. I didn’t realise how loud it used to be. Now just the gentle sound of autumn rain and the drip drop of overflowing roofs and gutters full of brown, decaying leaves. It’s a mild night, almost warm – actually, come to think of it, isn’t it too warm for this […]

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Climate Crisis Tips

30 January 2020

I’ve not had much time for writing lately but I’ve been putting a lot of art on my website and making videos such as the one above exploring some of my anxieties surrounding the climate crisis through clowning.

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Fear is a Rational Response

23 July 2019

(Cross posted from a post specifically made for my Facebook) I feel uncomfortable posting as many scary climate crisis stories as I do but recently I went to a talk by a climate psychologist who said that one of the problems with climate activism has been this idea that we shouldn’t scare people. This idea, […]

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Mass Extinction

23 June 2019

mass extinctions we’re dropping like flies everything everywhere eventually dies

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Childless Women

12 May 2019

We are just childless women but you like to call us selfish women. While you preach your gospel of family values and hide away in your homogenous houses. Hey, now that the Arctic is melting and now that our planet is dying… where are you? There. We see you. Expelling your energy policing our wombs. […]

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