Category: Mental Health

Becoming My Own Ally

28 April 2021

Learning to develop a less critical inner voice is a revealing process. The more mindful I become about speaking kindly to myself, the more I realise how for most of my life I’ve been on autopilot, ruthlessly criticising and also anxiously second guessing myself for everything. For example, while getting ready for work this morning, […]

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No Moral Here

21 January 2021

Did you know that overexplaining can be a symptom of trauma? When a person grows accustomed, over a long time, to being criticised and/or disregarded, they learn that if they just explain as much as they possibly can, perhaps, just perhaps, someone might at last listen. Truly listen. It doesn’t work though, instead people tune […]

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Walk of Shame

12 January 2021

Yesterday, while walking home from a dance workshop, I remembered an early childhood experience of feeling shame. The memory arose as I was focusing on my right leg and thinking about how it naturally turns inwards, thinking about how I struggle to “picture” the right side of my body in my mind and as such, […]

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6 October 2019

I’ve only recently begun to truly accept and comprehend the traumas of my childhood and through this comes a new understanding of the depressions that I’ve always experienced through my life which perhaps could be better explained as implicit or emotional flashbacks. I am in the midst of one currently and I feel… a bit […]

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